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Bouquet Styles

One of our favourite things at Ivy & Bleu is floralising weddings. From hanging installations to arbour features, we do it all, and our girls spend many days elbow-deep in buckets of Columbian roses, mountains of foliage and heavenly blooms. But the hero floral element of your wedding day is of course the bridal bouquet.

Our overall style is soft and romantic with a hint of the contemporary, but we also love experimenting with different styles and colour palettes to suit any bride. Your bouquet is the standout piece amidst the styling of your wedding, will feature in so many of your photos, and might even end up dried as a keepsake. It definitely doesn’t have to be limited to a ball of red roses and babies breath (in fact we’ll strongly encourage you to choose something else!). In this post we’ll go through some of our most popular bouquet styles, from traditional to contemporary and everything in between.

The Classic 

This bouquet is traditionally fully bound and formed into a tight circular rounded shape of flowers. At Ivy & Bleu we adore the classic romantic vibe, but we like to lift the style a little more into the modern using a few of our unique touches. Our Classic bouquets feature a small amount of green stem. They are round, but have slight elevation and shape to give a more effortless and elegant appearance. Our Classic bouquet tends to have little or no foliage besides the natural greenery from the florals. 

The Modern Classic 

Like the classic this bouquet is super high floral density (think fully flexed columbian roses or statement flowers like peonies) but with a more modern shape – rather than being rounded it has a little more of a fluffier shape then it’s traditionally rounded friend and can feature small feature pieces to break up the dense cluster. It plays with dynamics like stem length, bouquet height and shape, and statement florals. It can be anything from tall and simple to detailed and draping. Pair this with a draping silk and she is nothing short of heaven. 

The Garden

This bouquet style has a high floral density, with touches of greenery to give that whimsical garden feel. The shape of this bouquet can vary depending on the choice of florals, with the focus mainly on those stunning blooms and the foliage featuring for some extra dimension. Utilising the Strauss method of spiralling the stems this bouquet allows for stunning photos and when well made can stand unsupported allowing for that statement bouquet shot!

The Messy Bouquet 

Our Messy bouquet has a definite contemporary vibe with that stunning wild, romantic look. The arrangement is normally formed a little looser to create variation in height, and to allow the blooms to sit naturally. We will often use a higher density of greenery in this bouquet to create a lush, organic-looking base, with clustered blooms and usually one large focal element. This bouquet style is perfect for large statement blooms such as king proteas or banksias. 

The Statement Piece 

The Statement Piece is one for the big flower lover. This bouquet is larger than life itself, full of beautiful statement florals, including large flexed roses and smaller textural floral details. Think large draping phalaenopsis stems, king proteas or dramatic details. We usually use a range of different blooms in these arrangements to make her one of a kind, and create variation in height and shape. Her layers and detail give visual interest from every angle, making her a guaranteed show stopper. Disclaimer: you may require a 6 month gym membership before attempting to carry this baby!

The Pop of Colour

I’mmmmmmm not gonna lie for us florist’s this is the holy grail! The opportunity to play with dramatic colour tones and statement pieces think Nina (the perfect shade of orange/red) Pink Floyd (a massive head size in a deep deep but still hot pink) sprayed baby blue Anthurium stems or lavender hued Phalaenopsis Orchids! Here at Ivy & Bleu our goal this year is to start making more creative concept bouquets so if you are up for something fun and happy to lend us some creative outlet – we have got you covered!

The Dried Botanical

Super on trend and a trend that ain’t going anywhere any time soon these gorgeous dried botanical hues are a crowd fav. Here at Ivy & Bleu we blend those textural heavenly preserved and dried pieces with fresh florals blooms in a neutral palette to soften and balance the look.

Amongst all the choices you will make on your wedding day, choosing your bridal bouquet is definitely one of the more personal and special ones. Along with your dress, your bouquet will go everywhere with you, the stunning bride, and so we believe it’s important to carefully select a bouquet style that you absolutely love. Whether your brief to us includes a flower type that you love, a collection of inspo pics, or a full description of your favourite bouquet style, we will work with you to ensure the bouquet hits the mark. Some of our most memorable moments at Ivy & Bleu happen the morning of the wedding, after a week of putting love and care into our floral arrangements, arriving at the bridal suite for that unforgettable moment when your gorgeous piece arrives to you. 

Mandi Turner

Creative Director
Ivy & Bleu