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Congratulations on making the first step in having your beautiful fiancé to be’s ring process started now that the hardest decision in making the decision to propose is done you might be thinking where to from here….

That’s where we come in – Here at Ivy & Bleu we specialise in making this special time of your life memorable not only for the wedding day but starting right at the beginning with making your proposal special 

First let’s get you started with the concept 

  1. Location – you will both always and forever remember the details of this occasion so the where is super important. Do you have a place thats sentimental to you both? Is your fiancé to be someone who would want this to be a private moment between the 2 of you or might she like her closest friends and family watching or waiting nearby to be apart of celebrating this monumental event. It could be a super simple picnic proposal on the beach or a grand floral filled suite with celebratory Champagne on Ice. Where is your perfect proposal location?
  2. When – time of the day is super important – is your location busier at one time over another, is there a time of the day that might be sentimental to you both – be it sunrise, sunset, is there a day that holds special meaning to you both be it a birthday, anniversary 
  3. What – Now thisssssss is the most important bit…. This is where you tell him/her all the reasons WHY he/she should spend the rest of their life with you, there is no right or wrong here however we strongly suggest taking a moment or two to prepare some words in advance (you could even write them down and practice them if you need to) so that when the moment comes, when you’re a little bit nervous, you’re not entirely being put on the spot for what to say.  Whether you decide to get down on one knee or not doesn’t matter as much as what you say – just remember to say the words “Will you Marry Me” or something to that effect so that she can be super clear in that you expect that yes answer.
  4. Now this last bit for us is the most exciting – how’s it going to look at that’s where we come in …. Beach Side Picnic we have you covered, Floral Filled Hotel Suite we’re about it, wanting a photographer or videographer roaming nearby to have this special moment documented forever, a Private Dinner with a violinist to serenade you both – consider it done. At Ivy & Bleu we are true romantics and offer a variety of solutions to cover all budgets with our prime goal to ensure that this moment is forever perfect in both your eyes. 
  5. Now the biggest congratulations to your perfectly proposal – we cannot wait to see you for the wedding – there might even be a cheeky discount in it for you both being a Ivy & Bleu Proposal Couple